COVID-19: How to Prepare For Your Appointment

Pre-Procedure COVID-19 Testing:

Prior to your procedure, you will be tested for the novel coronavirus (COVID-19).

You will need to have your pre-procedure testing 4 days prior to your procedure (e.g. Monday For Friday procedure day).

Please bring your ID and stay in your vehicle. Do NOT go into the building. Someone from the practice will walk out and test  you while you are outside the clinic. This will only take a maximum of 5 minutes. You will be given post-test instructions and expect results in 48-72 hours.

Note: To help ensure the privacy of our patients and staff, please DO NOT take photos or videos during your encounter.

After completion of your test, self-isolation is HIGHLY RECOMMENDED. You need to remain healthy prior to  your procedure. Plan ahead an complete all essential tasks prior to your COVID-19 test. If you do need to leave your home, please wear a mask, practice social distancing. minimize touching your face, and wash your hands every 90 minutes.

Click to download the following instructions:

If you have any questions, please feel free to call our office at
West Loop Chicago Office Phone Number 312-929-3140.