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What is Hepititis C?

Hepatitis C is somewhat of a common virus. It is a liver infection that has the potential to lead to very serious liver damage. In the U.S. alone, about 3.9 million people have the virus. Most people don’t know that they have it, being that they often won’t show symptoms. Since it is a virus, […]

What is an Anoscopy

An Anoscopy is a medical procedure that helps your doctor find any issues in your gastrointestinal tract. With this method, your doctor can identify if you have any of the following: an abscess, anal fissures, polyps, hemorrhoids, cancer, etc. In an Anoscopy a Surgical Procedure? An Anoscopy is considered a minimally invasive procedure. During this […]


How to Treat GERD Gastroesophageal Reflux Disease, also known as GERD, can be something very uncomfortable to live with. In cases of GERD, you may experience frequent acid reflux, heartburn, coughing, regurgitation of food,  and chest pain on a regular basis. Living with these symptoms can be challenging and painful, but here are some ways […]


   What is COVID-19?   Let’s start first by explaining what viruses are and what we know about coronaviruses.   A virus is essentially an infectious particle of genetic material that attaches to a host or cell that in turn hijacks the host’s machinery to reproduce more (virions) which leads to damaging a specific type […]

Online Medical Advice by Dzi, MD

  Blood in the stool I often times am asked whether or not a small amount of blood in your stool is normal or whether it’s concerning when the blood is bright red and/or it was only a couple of drops noted on the toilet paper (a long time ago) or in the commode or […]

Digestive Health Common Myths by Dzi, MD

Myth 1: “Gunk” builds up in our gut over time and we must ‘detoxify’ or ‘cleanse.’ False. I hear this all the time and always causes me to laugh when I hear it. I do colonoscopies nearly every day and the gunk that people believe is there is fecal matter, which is easily cleared out […]