Hepatitis C

What is Hepatitis C?

Hepatitis C is a contagious liver disease caused when the Hepatitis C virus infects the liver. There are two types of Hepatitis C: Acute Hepatitis C is a short term illness that often goes unnoticed because there are few symptoms. Without proper treatment, which is most commonly the case, Acute Hepatitis C leads to Chronic Hepatitis C, a long-lasting infection of the liver.

What are the symptoms?

Most people with Acute Hepatitis C have few symptoms. However, some may experience jaundice, stomach pain, loss of appetite, nausea, fatigue, fever, or joint pain.

How is Hepatitis C spread?

People can become infected with Hepatitis C when blood from an infected person enters the body of another person. You are at risk if you:
• Share needles and other drug paraphernalia
• Have been injured in a health care setting in which blood was exchanged
• Were born to a mother who is infected with Hepatitis C
• Have had sexual contact with an individual who has Hepatitis C

How can I know if I have Hepatitis C?

If you think there is a chance you have contracted Hepatitis C, talk to us about being tested. It’s quick and easy. We will screen you to discern if there are antibodies in your body produced in response to the virus. If the screening reveals that you’ve been exposed to Hepatitis C, we would proceed with further blood testing. Again, quick and easy, so don’t wait!

How is Hepatitis C treated?

It is important to catch this disease before it leads to cancer or permanent liver failure. There are medications that can get rid of the virus completely if administered early.

Make an appointment with us today – before the Hep C virus triggers the initial stages of cirrhosis or cancer.

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