Follow Your Gut® Nutrition Program

Nutrition industry is vast and full of lots of information that make promises that are not sustainable. These diets are usually full of fads that work for a short period, but do not give results. Dr. Lotsu is an expert gastroenterologist with not only digestive health expertise but also has had extensive experience with individuals with health and wellness goals. He is now offering a clear solution for individuals looking to improve their overall health. He specializes in weight loss through simple plans and solutions to help you maintain a healthy weight not just in short-term but the rest of your life!

Follow Your Gut® Programs:

Program: Price: About The Program:
Gold Program $400 3 month program that includes a metabolism analyzer, thorough history of their medical health and family’s health, and personalized nutrition coaching plans to hit their wellness goals not only in the 3 months but lifelong. Individuals would have access 7 days a week and have the ability to ask questions or concerns during the 3 months.
Platinum Program $750 same as the 3 month program but for 6 months.
Diamond Program $1300 same as 3 month program but for 12 months.

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