Colorectal Cancer FAQs

What are some signs of colorectal cancer?

This is VERY important… colorectal cancer does NOT always cause symptoms.  Therefore, it is very important to monitor your stool texture and size. Sometimes patients see blood, have stomach pain, feel weak or tired, or have constipation. It is very important to know your family history. If you have family members with colorectal cancer OR polyps, you may need to talk to your primary care provider about getting a colonoscopy EARLY! 

Do I have cancer if I see blood on tissue paper?

Blood in the stool is never EVER normal. It can sometimes mean you have hemorrhoids but it REQUIRES you to have colonoscopy to be CERTAIN there is NOT CANCER or polyps. 

Do I have cancer if constipated?

Not always. Lots of people have of constipation but if this is a sudden change for you, then contact your primary care provider to refer you to gastroenterologist.

Do I have cancer if I have diarrhea?

Not necessarily. Discuss with your provider immediately and if needed, you will see a gastroenterologist.

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